Eat, Drink & Dance

Would you like to discover the best restaurants, bars and clubs in Valencia? Do you want to know more about typical Spanish delicacies as horchata, churros, paella and tapas?  In short, do you want to experience the delicious side of Valencia? Then you might want to have a look at Eat, Drink & Dance in Valencia.


You can find many different types of bars in Valencia, but which bar do you choose to have a drink? Probably you don’t have time enough to visit all bars in Valencia. That is why Tours Valencia has made a selection for you. For more information see Bars in Valencia.

Bars with free WIFI

Have you got a mobile telephone with internet connection? Then you probably also want to use it in Valencia. There are several places where you can find a free WIFI connection. For more information see Bars with free WIFI in Valencia.

Breakfast | Lunch | Sweet

At this page you will find three categories: breakfast, lunch and sweet. There are many restaurants where you can get delicious coffee, sandwiches or typical Valencian delicacies. Take a look at Breakfast | Lunch | Sweet to see all these places!


A Flamenco performance can be very impressive, even more if you know a bit of the history and the composition. For more information see Flamenco.


Do you want to go out in Valencia? Please keep in mind that the Spanish people are used to have drinks (“copas”) till 02.00 o’clock and then go dancing in a club. For more information about the booming clubs in Valencia, see Nightlife.


There are many rice fields around the city Valencia and that is the place where the origin of the typical Paella lies. If you want to know more about Paella or if you would like to prepare an authentic Paella, then you can have a look at Paella.


Are you looking for a restaurant in Valencia? Keep in mind that restaurants normally open at 21.00 o’clock in the evening. Especially at some popular places it can be recommended to arrive early or to reserve a table beforehand. For more information see restaurants in Valencia.


There are different stories about the origin of tapas, but one thing is for sure, tapas are a delicious invention. If you want to know more about the origin of tapas or if you would like to discover some local tapas bars, have a look at Tapas.

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